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10 Activities That Damage Your Heart

A healthy heart is something we all want to have. There are a number of activities that can put this vital organ in danger, hence, there’s an urgent need for you to take care of your heart by adhering to Healthy lifestyle and changing activities that damage the heart.

Every second of the day, your heart is working hard to pump blood throughout your body. It pumps blood as you sleep, goes to work when reading or hanging out with friends. The heart is essential for survival.

Many of the problems of the heart are caused by a build-up of plaque ( fat, cholesterol, calcium and other substances) in your arteries. This plaque makes it harder for blood to get to your heart; this eventually leads to a heart attack.

Taking effective steps and committing to a healthy – heart lifestyle can Help you Lower your risk of heart disease.

Here are 10 Activities that  Damage Your Heart

1. Smoking

Smoking is a major red flag for heart disease known by health professionals. Every time you inhale a cigarette, you’re putting over 5,000 chemicals into your body — many of which are harmful to your health.

10 Activities That Damage Your Heart
Quit Smoking

One of these chemicals is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide decreases the amount of oxygen in your red blood cells, which damages your heart. It also increases the amount of cholesterol in your arteries — another risk factor for heart disease.
The most effective way to lower your risk is to quit completely. While this may be challenging, it’s more difficult to live with heart disease or to recover from a heart attack.

2.  Sitting For Too Long

It is no brainer, that sitting for long hours can be problematic. Not moving enough can increase your risk of heart failure. Stretching and taking walking breaks from time to time can help you get rid of the sedentary lifestyle and enhance blood flow and keep your arteries flexible.
Other Simple ideas to Stay fit:
Some simple ways you can stay active include:

  • Walking short distances rather than driving
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Going for a long walk with your partner, or best friend.
  • Playing a team sport, such as football or volleyball.
  • Working out with a group, such as running or biking.
  • Joining a gym that has group fitness classes.
  • Finding a workout partner who can help keep you accountable.

3.  Too Much Salt Intake

You must be aware that excessive salt consumption can lead to hypertension that can increase your risk of heart disease.

10 Activities That Damage Your Heart
Avoid too much salt intake

Always speak to your health expert about the amount of salt you must include in your diet as an excess of sodium can pose a risk factor.

4.  You Are Consumed by Intense Anger

While it’s completely normal to get angry every once in a while, letting your anger boil over on a regular basis can do some serious damage to your heart. According to a study published in the Journal of Cardiac Failure, constant episodes of intense anger can exponentially increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular events, especially in men.  See how to control anger

5.  Alcohol Consumption

Too much alcohol intake can lead to a spike in your blood pressure. It can also lead to obesity and increase your risk of heart disease.

 6.  Insufficient Sleep

When you fail to get a good night’s sleep, your cardiovascular system doesn’t get that much-needed rest.  Your heart rate and blood pressure tend to dip during the first phase of sleep (the non-REM phase), then rise and fall in response to your dreams during the second phase (REM sleep). Thus, it is important to sleep for at least 8 hours to keep your heart in good shape.

7.  Stressful Activities

Stress can cause your body to release adrenaline, which temporarily affects how your body functions.

10 Activities That Damage Your Heart
A stressed Lady

You will be shocked to know that your heart rate increases and your blood pressure may shoot up as well. Ultimately, this stress tends to damage the blood vessels that are present in the heart and lead to a heart attack or stroke. To de-stress, opt for relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Exercise on a daily basis. Try to share your feelings with your family and friends. See more on how to manage stress situations

8.  Low Magnesium And       Vitamin D Intake

Eating magnesium-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, and fruits as doing so can help keep the muscles of the heart from going into spasm and also balance your heart rhythm. If you are not getting enough sun, this can increase your risk of heart disease.

 9.  Poor Oral Health

When you don’t brush, floss, or mouthwash daily then it can be harmful to your heart. Gum diseases can raise your risk of heart disease.

10.  Adhere to Preventive     Measures

Thinking that you are not at risk of Cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart disease and heart failure claims more lives than any other illness, including cancer.

Always adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

10  Activities That Damage Your Heart
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10 Activities That Damage Your Heart

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