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Amazing Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Screen Devices

The eyes are an important part of our health, hence there’s a need to protect the eyes when using the screen devices.

The eyes are one of the vital sense organs of the body, and it’s usually seen as the light to the body or window to the soul. They help us to visualize our beautiful environment and appreciate nature.

A Spanish study suggests that constantly looking at the smartphone screen can also cause retinal damage and macular degeneration (a leading cause of blindness).

Amazing Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Screen Devices

Most people use screen devices for a considerable number of hours during the day especially at work and also at night, as a result, we feel pain in our eyes called Eyestrain. And when this is not taken care of it can lead to serious eye damage. The blue light emitted from the screens can be dangerous to the eye health on varying degrees of harshness.

Some notable symptoms of eyestrain when we expose the eyes to screen devices for prolonged periods include

– Blurred Vision
– Headaches
– Neck or shoulder pain
– Dry eyes
– Increased sensitivity to light

The fact is, you, me, and everyone is scared of losing their vision, hence, it’s vital to take steps to protect the eyes when using screen devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and so many others.

Below are amazing tips on how to protect the eyes when using screen devices:

Blink Often

When we continuously use screen devices over a long period, especially at work to complete a task, we often forget to blink. This can be dangerous to your health. Blinking your eyes at intervals helps to keep your eyes moist and protect you against dry eyes or eye irritation when using your screen devices.

Take Frequent Breaks

Going with the popular rule 20/20/20 is something you can follow to rid strain on the eyes. This rule states “every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look at something 20 meters away”. This helps to keep the eyes in check and also relax the eye muscles.

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Check Light Intensity

The intensity of light from your screen devices can add the problem of eyestrain when we do not learn to adjust the screen lighting. Thankfully, a lot of new devices have automatically adjusted light settings. At night, always use your phone on a low brightness/night Mode setting or switch on your bedside light.

Keep a Good Distance

You should not put up your screen devices right against your face. Keep a good distance, an arm’s length should be enough. An optimal distance of 16 or 18inches from your phone should be okay.

Use a Blue Light Screen Filter

The blue light filter is seen in some settings of modern smartphones. This helps to prevent blue light from damaging your eyes.

Eat Healthy Foods

A balanced diet is important for a healthy body. Foods rich in vitamin C and E helps to prevent eye strain and macular degeneration. Other foods include Fish, Beans, eggs and many others.

See Your Doctor

Create the habit of going for a regular check-up. People with underlying health problems such as diabetes and hypertension over time can develop vision problems.

The act of protecting the eyes should not be over-emphasised especially when using screen devices.  The eyes are very important sense organ, we must always take care of our eyes.


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