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Harmattan: Proven Tips to Stay Healthy this Season

The harmattan season usually occurs from December to March, it is a dusty and dry north- easterly winds which blows from the Sahara desert over the West Africa. This season is characterized by cold temperatures in the morning/night and hot sunny  weather in the afternoon.

At Healthy health consult, we provide you with proven tips to cope and stay healthy this  harmattan season

  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water.
  • Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes which is common during this period.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a mask or towel when it is dusty.
  • Use oily cream to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Apply lip balm to prevent crack lips and pains from dryness.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables properly before eating them. See why you should eat more fruits and vegetables!.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks this period as they dehydrate the skin.
  • Wear clothes that keeps your body warm.
  • Take more Vitamins as it reduces the likelihood of you contacting flu (Catarrh).
  • The harmattan season can trigger Asthmatic and allergies, because of the  dusty and dry north- easterly winds which blows from the Sahara desert over the West Africa; hence Asthmatic patients should always keep the inhaler close to them and avoid dusty areas.
  • Avoid self medication, always seek the health professionals’ advice.

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