A wise quote state that “For you to win a battle you need to know and learn about your opponent”; the same applies to quitting masturbation.

As humans, we are faced with different needs and desires, among these desires are sexual desire which is something all human often encounter, although everyone have different libido Often for different reasons or when people are not able to get a sexual partner they end up satisfying their sexual desires themselves

For you to learn how to quit masturbation, you need to learn about masturbation first.

For medical reasons one can masturbate either to produce sperm as required by the physician for tests or to explore their body and know what works for them.

According to Oxford dictionary which describes Masturbation as Manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, which often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.

As pleasurable as it sounds, one can get addicted to it for several years.

When is one addicted to masturbation?, When one tries to stop the act but keeps going back to it despite plans to quit .

There’s a saying that “too much of everything is bad” same applies to too much masturbation. Besides when it starts to affect your everyday activities negatively or when you’re in guilt of it then it’s advisable to quit.

Reasons why people masturbate.

1. Watching and viewing of pornographic materials:

Study shows that pornographic movies, pictures and magazines are one of the biggest triggers of masturbation. When one constantly view pornographic content, it makes one aroused thereby causing one to satisfy their sexual desire themselves.

2. Lack of a sexual partner:

For lots of reasons, one can be without a sexual partner, and when the person develops sexual needs, masturbation might be the fastest way to satisfy that need. Below are some of the reasons: Underage, death of a partner, breakup or divorce.

3. Arguments and misunderstanding between partners:

When couples have misunderstanding and are not in good terms, one of the partner can deny the other sex thereby leaving the other with an option of masturbating (satisfying their sexual needs themselves) or cheating with someone else.

4. Distance between partners:

For partners or couples that are in long distance relationship due to business, travel or other reasons and don’t want to cheat on their partner, some result into masturbating instead of cheating with another person.

Quitting masturbation requires dedication and commitment from the person that wants to quit.

We at Healthy Health Consult have compiled proven steps to help you quit masturbation:

1. Avoid Pornographic Materials:

What is masturbation: ways and tips to quit

Avoiding this helps to reduce one getting aroused frequently thereby reducing the chances of masturbating.

2. Engage in More Activities:

It is said that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” when one engage in creative and productive activities, it consumes one’s time and energy thereby reducing the thought of the act.

3. Avoid Being Alone

What is masturbation: ways and tips to quit

Often the thought of masturbating comes when one is alone, so spending time with family and friends will often reduce the chances of one masturbating.

4. Get a Life Coach or a Confidant:

It requires seeking help, be it from a professional or from a trusted friend whom will motivate you and encourage you during your journey of quitting it.

5. Get a life partner:

What is masturbation: ways and tips to quit

Yeah, for people that indulge in the act due to lack of sexual partner, getting married is a better option for them.

6. Exercise:

What is masturbation: ways and tips to quit

It helps to burn excess energy thus keeping the mind and body intact.

7. Avoid Going to Bed Naked:

What is masturbation: ways and tips to quit

For most people, it’s easier to masturbate when they are already naked, thus going to bed with covered clothes will prevent one from easily performing the act.

Take steps and engage in what works for you to quit Masturbation and above all prayer works.


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By Denis Chilaka

Denis Chilaka is a passionate blogger and an amazing writer. He is a health enthusiast who loves sharing helpful information that aids healthy living.

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